Anderson Park: Montclair, NJ

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Anderson Park is the perfect place to teach a child how to ride a bike, scooter, or skateboard. It’s also stroller-friendly and wheelchair accessible. There is a small 3/5 mile flat, paved loop with plenty of benches for snacking or resting, and a large field that’s great for picnicking and ballgames. You can even bring the dog!

We visited on the first beautiful Saturday in Spring and it checked off all three of my kids’ wishes: a place to ride a scooter, play soccer, and dig in the dirt. Our original plan was to visit nearby Brookdale Park (6 mins away) which is typically uncrowded during the week, but everyone in Essex County had the same idea and there was no parking! A short drive over to Anderson Park was a completely calmer scene.

A family was picnicking on the lawn. Two dogs were playing fetch. A teenager was unsteadily learning how to balance on a skateboard. A sweet elderly couple held hands and waved hello to my boys who were taking their 2nd or 3rd snack break. My 2.5 year old gained confidence in riding his scooter and I appreciated not having to dodge dog poop every. few. feet. like we do on city sidewalks.

What made this trip extra enjoyable was that EVERYONE wore masks, it wasn’t crowded, and someone that I wish I could hug left such encouraging messages in sidewalk chalk around the entire park that just made me smile. Things like “Beautiful days are ahead”. Yes, beautiful days are ahead, my friends. Just you wait and see!

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Enjoying Anderson Park

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