Weehawken & Union City Reservoir Park

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Weehawken & Union City Reservoir Park is a 3/4 mile flat, gravel track around a wildlife filled reservoir with NYC views. We love this urban oasis so much because there are almost always turtles and ducks swimming, seagulls squawking, and curiously friendly geese. It also has our favorite toys: dirt, sticks, and rocks.

Today, we were admiring a goose when all of a sudden she started honking up a storm, took off in flight, met her friend, and after chatting for a bit, decided to playfully swoop in for a splash landing. Again and again. Such show offs!

We took several breaks to inspect rocks, draw our names in the dirt with sticks, and played “Can you find the turtle?”. Psst…that’s how I kept them moving around the entire track (even if it took us nearly 2 hours). We spotted 2 turtles swimming today, but have seen as many as 7 here.

This place is totally stroller-friendly. In fact, I attribute my laps around the reservoir to helping me shed the baby weight. It’s peaceful, quiet, and the still water is so calming. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

The Park Mama Tips:

  • Street parking is free.
  • Masked entry is enforced.
  • The track is one-way and currently only allows walking. No jogging.
  • Bikes, scooters, and dogs are not allowed. Neither is picnicking.
  • The majority of the track is in direct sunlight. Bring sunscreen and a hat.
  • There are no restrooms.

For more info:

Park History

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2 thoughts on “Weehawken & Union City Reservoir Park

  1. They should have made a beach where people could swim. They should have picnic tables , paddle boats and row boats. They should have a fishing pier. It is just a walkway around the water. People can only walk in one direction. I am glad this land is permanently protected from further development. However, they could have done a better job.

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