Willowwood Arboretum: Far Hills, NJ

A beautiful mix of gardens, meadows and forests, Willowwood Arboretum is home to more than 3,500 plant species. We love the variety here – from daffodil fields to bamboo forests, cherry blossoms to towering Norway Spruce, Willowwood Arboretum is breathtakingly beautiful, peaceful, and fun. Adjacent to the parking lot are tons of daffodils just beggingContinue reading “Willowwood Arboretum: Far Hills, NJ”

Autumn at The New Jersey Botanical Garden

We were about a mile into a whimsical nature walk through secret gardens, surrounded by trees dressed for autumn, when dozens of leaves started dancing above us, fluttering gracefully down like rain. Time stood still for a moment as we stood on tip toes and eagerly reached to catch them before they blanketed the coolContinue reading “Autumn at The New Jersey Botanical Garden”

Natirar Park: Far Hills, NJ

Spanning 4 towns (Peapack, Gladstone, Far Hills, and Bedminster), Natirar Park is HUGE and traverses hundreds of acres of fields, meadows, and woodlands, offering river access, paved and gravel walking trails, and plenty of space for running, biking, scooting, ball playing, and picnics while socially distancing with ease. Fun facts: Natirar is the reverse spellingContinue reading “Natirar Park: Far Hills, NJ”

Duke Farms: Hillsborough, NJ

I love to drive. Fresh out of college, I took a job as a road warrior recruiting high school seniors across a 7 state territory for my alma mater. Armed with MapQuest directions (remember when that was a thing?) and keys to a state owned minivan, New Jersey was my first and longest assignment. LittleContinue reading “Duke Farms: Hillsborough, NJ”

NJ Botanical Garden: Ringwood, NJ

My boys LOVE flowers, but they love picking them and giving them away even more. The other day, my 21 month old lovingly picked a bunch of dandelions and clovers and handed me a small bouquet just beaming. My 4 year old tells me, “Mama, put them in water so that they last a long,Continue reading “NJ Botanical Garden: Ringwood, NJ”